About us

Who are we

Created in 1998, S de Samba is an award winning Music Company specialised in original compositions and sound design for TV and advertising, as well as for artistic albums. Our studios are based in São Paulo – Brazil, and talented musicians with a trusty expertise compose our team. Led by Jair Oliveira and Wilson Simoninha – CEO of the company and well known singers, composers, musicians and producers – S de Samba has an embracing portfolio.

What we do

With 16 years in the market, we have produced almost two thousand of audio for advertising pieces, around 30 CDs and DVDs, hundreds of phonograms in partnership with Som Livre, and countless cultural projects, including concerts, musical tours, books and internet programs. We produce audios with the most diverse formats – jingles, songs, orchestra tracks, voiceovers, mixing, works based on sound design and copyright works, and exclusive content created speedily by those who understand and take pleasure in making it.