Jair Oliveira
Creative Director
Singer, musician, composer, arranger, producer, actor and writer, Jair Oliveira, is a well-known figure since his childhood due to his early career that started in Turma do Balão Mágico. Son of a musician, Jair improved his talents until he became an important MPB composer and outstanding artist in the phonographic, cinematographic, photographic, theatrical and advertising field, and, recently made his debut in the editorial world with two literary-musical works: Grandes pequeninos e SAMBAJAZZ. Jair is the company’s creative director and it is he who composes our most successful tracks, adding intelligence to the lyrics as well as creative arrangements.
Joãoponês Baptista
Administrative Director
Also known as the “Jap” (Joãoponês) the audio technician is currently responsible for the company’s administration in the sectors of human resources, finance and management; but what he likes best, as all of those from S de Samba, is music. Therefore he is also responsible for the audio quality and keeps a close eye on all the company’s productions. He’s been working in the audio market since 1984, when he recorded, mixed, narrated and produced advertising pieces and artistic productions. He has had a long career working at renowned producers and Brazilian studios before co-founding S de Samba.
Wilson Simoninha
Artistic Director
Wilson Simoninha has always had music in his veins. Musician, interpreter, composer and producer, he is one of the representatives of the generation known as New MPB. With a career that has spanned more than 20 years, he has taken part in the productions of famous artists such as Jorge Ben Jor and Wilson Simonal. He started working in advertising in 1991, gaining instantaneous visibility as he composed jingles for some of the biggest Brazilian announcers. He’s the artistic director at S de Samba and runs agency customer liaison; therefore, he is a key go-between for the understanding between adverting agencies and the production staff.