2008 | Melhor

Released in May 2008, Simoninha’s album “Melhor” was produced by Max Castro and has participations by Seu Jorge (in “Ela É Brasileira”) e Cláudio Zoli (in “Eu Sei que Você Vai me Entender” e “Sossega”).

Listening to the CD, one can see that the joy is exposed with the naturality of one who dominates it completely. In times of musical experimentalisms defined by the tight and devoted face of so many new artists, Simoninha acts as a kind of guardian of the swing and happiness of Brazilian music. It is impossible to think about him without remembering the open smile stamped in his face, and his pleasure in singing the party.

The party-friendly tradition coexists harmonically with a very updated sonority. Simoninha makes his music go through the universes of both samba and Brazilian funk/soul, in a modern fashion, paying attention to the textures and new musical elements. This rhythmic juncture, which marked a whole generation of artists over here, reappears in a refreshed way in the album, which was produced by brother Max de Castro. The work also shows the singer`s romantic side. The ballads are present, strategically placed between the tracks, as if ina ball, the DJ, mindful of the dance floor filled with couples, played the smoothest songs to make the people dance close together.

Another aspect is the politically active side of Simoninha, who also participated of acts of public mobilization, looking for affirmative actions regarding the valorization of his race. The 40th birthday of the death of American black leader Reverend Martin Luther King is remembered in a light and pretty way in one of the songs.

Since his first work, the remarkable voice and physical resemblance have always brought to mind the artistical heritage of Simoninha. The calmness in dealing with the responsibility of being the son of a genius  is apparent in the new CD, released in the same year as the historical documentary about his father.

The goal of Simoninha was reached. He made a record full of joy. But maybe modesty has stopped him telling me in our conversation, that the happy CD is also modern, romantic and politically relevant. He managed to blend all that in his record, which couldn`t have a better name. Each time more.” (Alê Youssef)