2010 | Grandes Pequeninos

All of us, in a given moment in life, have witnessed the moving  moment when someone has the pleasure of holding a newborn in their arms. Smiles appear and the world shines in the eyes of that little being. The baby becomes the synthesis of the purest joy. Looking more carefully at such a moment, we realize that some attitudes are curiously automatic. We shake our body in a regular rhythm in a natural attempt of caressing and calming the baby; and, usually, at the faintest sign of crying, we make musical sounds to diminish the little one`s discomfort. Instinctive music and rhythm! We search our memory for songs that were used to comfort ourselves in such situations, or, for the more creative (or poor-memories), even create songs that fit the occasion. It is the most beautiful musical show of all! It is not necessary to be a professional singer, not even an experienced connoisseur of children songs. The instinct transforms sounds and words in music for the ears of the baby; and invariably it calms him down.

The project “Grandes Pequeninos” is precisely about this magical universe of the first moments of a baby and its relation with parents and friends. Through music and imagination, the initial communication of a human being becomes love, art and poetry. Going through exactly this process, the actress Tania Khalill and the composer Jair Oliveira (first-time parents of Isabela) command the party “Grandes Pequeninos”. Between his parental obligations, Jair has written 12 songs about the countless moments of joy of this glorious relationship; and each moment has presented a gentle song as soundtrack for the baby`s day. There`s the bath song, the breast-feeding song, the playtime song, the grandparent time song, the sleeping song, the strolling song, among others. Many of them invented spontaneously in the attempt of comforting Isabela.

“Grandes Pequeninos” primarily seeks to register these songs in a record, which counts with the participation of many musicians and artists who are also living (or have recently lived) these situations, interpreting these moments with the beauty and affection of those who relate intimately with these feelings. Names such as Wilson Simoninha, Seu Jorge, Pedro Mariano, Max de Castro, Jair Rodrigues,Vanessa Jackson, João Suplicy eMaria Paula, AndreMoraes and Luciana Mello are also present in this musical celebration of the baby`s world.

The project “Grandes Pequeninos” was indicated to the 2009 Latin Grammy awards in the category Best Children`s Album. The awards happened on 5 November2009 inLas Vegas.