2012 | Sambazz (Livro + CD)

Sambazz (Book + CD): A Literary Registry of Jair Oliveira’s New Album.

The name mixes two styles – samba and jazz – and is the title of two products: a record and a book.

The book Sambazz, by singer, songwriter and arranger Jair Oliveira, reveals the steps of the creation of the homonymous cd. The book, which will come with the album sleeved, has photos and musical scores, and registers the whole productive process of the album, composition to mixing, allowing the reader/listener to penetrate the musical universe and the efforts of production of a record. The album contains 17 songs which blend  different schools of samba and jazz and its variables, with bits of soul and 70`s funk.

The information are both technical – as the difference between mixing and mastering (which is done in pre-production) – and of creative order – like the reasons for ing a certain song, or what was it inspired by.

Why does a cd has, in average, 14 songs? How are the different volumes, bass and trebles of a record leveled? These and other questions are answered by the author/musical producer which has worked with such musically varied and talented names as Tom Zé, Wilson Simoninha, Zélia Duncan,Paula Lima,Chico Buarque and Ed Motta.