2014 | Jair Oliveira 30 (DVD)

One who is introduced to composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, interpreter and arranger Jair Oliveira might find it hard to believe that he has a 30-year career already. His intimacy with music started very early on: when he was 6, he played in an album by his father Jair Rodrigues, and a year later was in the stage with him, in the San Remo Festival inItaly.

“I chose Music to be my guide during this whole process. I insist on writing Music with a capital M, for that is how it presents itself in my life. Holding tight to its hand, I crossed all these stages of my career, until now”, says Jair about his musical path, now revisited in a new project.

Baptized Jair Oliveira 30, the project co-produced by S de Samba and CINE and released by Som Livre is now being edited in several formats: DVD (celebrating show), Blu-Ray (show + documentary) and the online format. Recorded at Auditório Ibirapuera (SP), the show commanded by Jair and Felipe Mansur gathered artists who participated in different stages of Jair’s career, many of whom partners the time of Projeto Artistas Reunidos, which revealed young talents in the end of the 1990’s. “I divided my story in chapters: first besides Jair Rodrigues, then the years with Balão Mágico, the start as a composer, the night-musician period with “Artistas Reunidos”, and the solo original work”.

It was after concluding his studies at Berklee College of Music inBostonat the end of the 1990’s that Jair started working with composition, production and arrangement. In little more than 15 years working as a producer, he already counts more than 30 records/ projects by artists such as Tom Zé, Jair Rodrigues, MPB4, Luciana Mello, Wilson Simoninha, Pedro Mariano and many more. As a composer, he wrote songs which became classics Luciana Mello’s and Pedro Mariano’s repertoire, such as “Voz no Ouvido”. Multitalents who perfectly complement themselves: “I always say I like working with Music, regardless whether as a composer, musician or producer. I feel I learn a lot about my own career when I work producing other artists”.

The DVD starts off with an affective and musical tribute: Jair Oliveira’s version  of “Disparada”, a classic which marked Jair Rodrigues’ career. Following that, father and son join to play “Io e Te”, the same song they played onSan Remofestival. A set with participation by Simony remembers the hits the times of Balão Mágico and the duet that was formed thereafter (“Coração de Papelão”/ “Superfantástico”). With sister Luciana Mello, Simoninha, Max de Castro, Daniel Carlomagno and Pedro Mariano, Jair updates the “Artistas Reunidos” period in songs such as “Simples Desejo” and “É isso é Que Dá” (Jair and Daniel Carlomagno) and “Voz no Ouvido” (Jair Oliveira). The solo side of Jair Oliveira appears on beauties like “Bom Dia,Anjo”, “Você Por Perto” and “Passeando com Papai”, the latter composed for the “Grandes Pequeninos” project. The repertoire also brings a partnership with Seu Jorge entitled “Samba da Doca”. The DVD ends with all the guests on stage, on the collective version of “Tiro Onda”.