2015 | Cluster Sisters

For those who appreciate the good old swing of the 30’s and 40’s, the band from Londrina Cluster Sisters remembers classics such as Boogie Woogie, Route 66 and In The Mood, as well as adapting contemporary arrangements to the same style.

In the front line, Gabriela Catai,MaitêMotta and Giovanna Correia dominate the vocal arrangements, that echo those of similar groups from the Jazz Golden Years, such as The Boswell Sisters, The Ross Sisters and The Girls Form Mars, bringing back a sonority that became famous during World War II and the post-war. Together they faced the challenge to unite 3 such different voices and make them sound as one, in the 30’s and 40’s fashion. Their interpretation includes using costumes from that era and a stage attitude that has been charming the audiences wherever they go. This performance is supported by a quintet consisted of drum, bass, guitar, piano and saxophone formed by musicians of great style and technique.

Since the group’s start in 2008, the Cluster Sisters have been performing in several show houses inBrazil, and furthermore, the group has more recently gained attention in the Rede Globo TV-program Superstar, in which they were favored by singer Fábio Jr.

The trio’s CD is being produced by S de Samba (with the support of ProAc ICMS and sponsored by the enterprises Medley and Nextel) and will soon be released with the support of Som Livre. For these retake on great stile of the Golden Era of Swing’s magic, the trio will count with the participation of instrumentalists of the most high technical and artistic level. The repertoire brings Jazz classics and also reworkings of more recent pieces, although with arrangements typical of the period. The tracks show the versatility of the singers in adapting rhythms such as country, MPB and even reggae to the proposed style.

Hear a preview of 5 songs that represent their talent and creativity:



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